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A non-stock, non-profit and non-government organization, formed in June 1980 through the initiative of National Pollution Control Commission (NPCC) Commissioner Gen. Guillermo A. Pecache (Ret.), to work hand in hand with the government in the protection of the environment, prevention, abatement and control of land, air, and water pollution.


PCAPI is committed to establish proactive alliances to promote compliance in pursuit of environmental sustainability.


  1. To foster its members high ideals of responsibility, dedication and deep concern for preserving and maintaining a clean environment.
  2. To promote pollution prevention awareness among top managers, decision and policymakers, industrial workers and general public.
  3. To provide environmental trainings, seminars, workshops, forums, consultations, plant visits and other similar activities among members.
  4. To serve as an effective communication link between industry and Government regulatory agencies on pollution and environmental protection thereby facilitate among members and accelerate compliance with the requirements of these agencies.
  5. To serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and formulation of strategies to address pollution and environmental issues.
  6. To promote the general welfare of its members as well as the growth and success of the association.
  7. To propagate this dictum – that any pollutant discharge no matter how insignificant it may appear if multiplied thousand-fold, can cause destruction to ecosystems and should-therefore be prevented or given careful protection.


To be the leading organization collaborating with the government in promoting Environmental Sustainability.


P     Professionalism

C     Credibility and Collaboration

A     Advocacy and Accountability

P     Pro-Activeness

I      Integrity and Inspirational