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A non-stock, non-profit and non-government organization, formed in June 1980 through the initiative of National Pollution Control Commission (NPCC) Commissioner Gen. Guillermo A. Pecache (Ret.), to work hand in hand with the government in the protection of the environment, prevention, abatement and control of land, air, and water pollution.


PCAPI is committed to be an active partner in institutionalizing environmental conservation, continual improvement and compliance to regulations.


  1. To be the leading resource in managing the environment by fostering among its member high degree of responsibility, integrity, dedication and concern for preserving and maintaining a healthful environment.
  2. To serve as effective communication link and active advocate with the government and other stakeholders in institutionalizing pollution prevention, continual improvement and compliance.
  3. To promote cleaner production, waste minimization and pollution prevention among top managers, decision and policy makers and workers of industry and the general public.
  4. To serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and formulation of strategies to address pollution and environmental issues.
  5. To promote the general welfare of its members as well as the growth and success of the association.
  6. To coordinate and cooperate with other organizations, both local and foreign, on issues related to the environment.
  7. To establish Chapters nationwide under the umbrella of the PCAPI National.


To be the leading organization complementing the government in conserving the Philippine Environment.


Integritas –  Integrity
Phasellus –  Professionalism
Spera        –  Trust

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