The Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PCAPI) is a proactive partner of industry, government and other stakeholders in managing the environment. By being a member of PCAPI, one can expect the following gains:

I. Empowering Pollution Control Officers (PCOs)

  • Participate trainings, seminars, workshops, fora, and annual Convention and General Assembly and avail at least 10% discounted rate.
  • Participate free technical sessions and information sharing as part of the capacity and capability building of PCOs, environmental managers, sustainability officers, and managing heads.
  • Receive update on the latest environmental laws, policies, regulations, issues, and developments through proper channels of communication including email, social media, and website posting.

II. Expand Network Opportunities

  • Avail of free consultation, suggestions or recommendations on specific environmental issues which may be referred to the subject matter expert (SME) within the Association.
  • Provide referrals to consultancy firms or individuals offering highly competent skills for other environmental issues or solutions.
  • Participate to environmental activities hosted by government agency and other partners of the association.
  • Recognition of new members during the PCAPI induction ceremony for certain fiscal year.

III. Voice in the Industry

  • Represent PCAPI member companies in dialogues, technical working groups, committees, or position papers to achieve regulatory efficiency.
  • Right to vote during the annual PCAPI General Assembly and election of officers and Board of Trustees.

IV. Recognition of Sustainability Efforts

  • Participate in the PCAPI Sustainability Awards for individuals, companies and environmental activities and projects.


a.) Duly accomplished application form

b.) Company profile

c.) Resume of company representative

d.) Valid 2″ x 2″ ID picture

e.) Check payment payable to PCAPI

Check :  Payable to Pollution Control Association of the PhilippInes, Inc.

      Deposit to : Metrobank
      Savings Account: 167 316 750 7949


1. Complete Required Documents

2. Fill out online application form

3. Click Submit

4. Pay Fees

5. Email proof of payment to 

Wait for confirmation of Membership via email