Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Awards 2024

The annual Sustainability Award is a national award given by the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PCAPI) – National in recognition of outstanding achievements of establishments and Pollution Control Officers (PCOs), PCAPI affiliated Chapters throughout the Philippines in promoting pollution control, waste minimization and implementation of an effective environmental management system in their respective companies. It also provides recognition to a successful project implemented by a company that addresses specific environmental problem or major environmental impact of the organization.

The Outstanding Pollution Control Officer (TOPCO) winners

Ms. Jielaine del Rosario (Pilmico Foods Corporation)
Ms. Jonah Marie Cabancla (Philippine Manufacturing Co. of Murata, Inc.),
Mr. Joseph Vizcayno (San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation-San Fernando Beverage Packaging Plant),
Mr. Ariel P. Autida (DOLE Philippines, Inc.),
Ms. Mariane K. Asi (Universal Robina Corporation – Hello Snacks Food),
Mr. Abram B. Giron (San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation – SMY Glass Plant)
Ms. Janice M. Tupaz (Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation).

Success Story Awards winners

2nd Runner-up
“Coco-Network Life” of Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation
“Coffee Spent Grounds Boiler Feed Optimization” of Universal Robina Corporation – San Pedro 1 Plant

1st Runner-up
“Commitment to Net-Zero by 2050” of First Philippine Industrial Park, Inc.

Best Success Story Award winner

“Crown-Binning System Project” of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation – Metal Closure & Lithography Plant – Cebu

Mother Nature Awards winners

2nd Runner-up
Philippine Manufacturing Co. of Murata, Inc.

1st Runner-up
Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation

Mother Nature Awardee
DOLE Philippines, Inc.

In recognition of their exemplary leadership, an Outstanding Managing Head awardee:
Mr. Reynaldo Doria


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