Institutional Members

CLUSTER 1 (Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply: Petroleum and Petrochemical, Biodiesel, Refineries, Power Generation (Renewable Energy and other sources), Energy Storage, Transmission and Distribution)

Global Business Power (GBP) Kepco Ilijan Corporation Maibarara Geothermal Inc.
Palm Concepcion Power Corp Peak Power Socsargen Petrosolar Corporation
Petrowind Energy, Inc. Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) formerly PNOC Alternative Fuels Corporation PNOC Exploration Corporation
Quezon Power (Phils) Limited Co. San Buenaventura Power Ltd Co. SN Aboitiz Power – Magat
Team Energy Corporation

CLUSTER 2 (Electrical, Electronic goods, Semiconductor, Data Processing)

EDS Manufacturing, Inc. P.IMES CORP. – Main Plant Rohm Mecatech
Tadchem Marketing Verzatek, Incorporated Vishay Philippines, Inc.

CLUSTER 3 (Construction, Engineering and Design, Land Conversion and Development, Reclamation, Metals (Iron and Steel Mills), Smelting, Foundry, Fabrication)

KAPCO Manufacturing, Inc Makati Foundry, Inc. Nachi Philipinas Industries, Inc. Pasar Corporation
Puyat Steel Corporation Visayas Slaked Lime Corporation Yutaka Mfg. (Phils.),Inc.

CLUSTER 4 (Transportation (Land, Air, Water), Mass Transportation, Ports, Vehicle Assembly, Ship Building, 3rd Party Logistics Provider, Automobile Dealership)

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corporation Schlemmer Phils., Inc.
Speed Metal “Space 25 Solutions Corp.” Yutaka Mfg. (Phils.),Inc.

CLUSTER 5 (Food Processing, Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic), Animal Products Processing (Fish/Meat Processing, Canning) including Other Marine Products)

Cenmaco, Incorporated Del Monte Philippines, Inc.
Leslie Corporation MLM Foods, Inc.
San Miguel Brewery, Inc. San Miguel Corporation
Unilever RFM – Ice Cream Yakult Philippines, Incorporated

CLUSTER 6 (Sugar, Distillery, Bioethanol, Grains, Flour and Starches processing)

Far East Alcohol Corporation Lionheart Farms (Philippines) Corporation Progreen Agricorp, Inc. (formerly Consolidated Distillers of the Far East, Inc.)

CLUSTER 7 (Household Chemicals, Consumer Products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals (Traders, Distributors, Indentors, Toll Manufacturers, Suppliers, Storage and Warehouse)

Asian Antibiotics, Inc.

CLUSTER 8 (Industrial chemicals (Manufacturers, Traders, Distributors, Indentors, Toll Manufacturers, Suppliers, Storage and Warehouse), and agricultural chemicals (Pesticides, and Fertilizers)

Alyson’s ChemicalEnt., Inc. Polymer Chemicals, Inc. Total Bulk Corporation

CLUSTER 9 (Mining, Quarrying, Cement, Ceramics, Glass, Clay products, construction aggregates, asphalt Manufacturing)

Citinickel Mines Visayas Slaked Lime Corporation

CLUSTER 10 (Plastic, Rubber, Metal Can, Laminates, Glass and other forms of Packaging)

San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation

CLUSTER 11 (Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Aquaculture: Livestock, Poultry, Feeds, Slaughterhouses, Fowl dressing, Wet markets, Tobacco, Pulp and paper, Wood, Furniture, Fiber, Tannery, Milling)

Phimco Industries, Inc.

CLUSTER 12 (Accommodation and Food Services, Land and Commercial, Recreational, Hotels & Resorts, Condominiums, Malls, Parks, Restaurants, QSRs, Warehouses Management, Industrial Estate, Golf course, Amusement Parks, Property Management)

GlobalFME, Inc.

CLUSTER 13 (Services (Consultancy, Telecommunications, Water Supply), Facilities and Utilities, Gas Stations, Sewerage, Hazardous Waste Management (TSD Facilities, Transporters, Landfill), Recyclers, Remediation activities, Washing and Dry cleaning shops, Environmental Testing Laboratory)

Bauer International Phils., Inc. Environmental Life Industrial Technologies Enterprise (ELITE) Corp. Fluid Technologies & Environmental Management, Inc.
Intertek Testing Services, Inc. Manila Water Philippine Ventures Inc Phil Ecology Systems Corp.
Seanogy Environmental Solutions Inc. Trigon Management & Industrial Corp. UNIMICROSYS CORPORATION

CLUSTER 14 (Healthcare Facilities and Social Works (Hospitals, Infirmaries, Birthing Homes, Clinics, Diagnostics and Testing Laboratories, Medical research centers, Drug manufacturers including biological products, Institutions, Mortuary and Autopsy center, Spa, Wellness Center)

Divine World Hospital Medical Center Western Batangas Nsy Medical and diagnostic center

CLUSTER 15 (Other Industries not mentioned above like: Education/Mass Media /Printing/ Minting/ Publishing/Business Process Outsourcing/Technology Research & Training Centers, etc..)

John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (Bacolod), Inc.