In the late 1970’s, the National Pollution Control Commission with Brig. Gen. Guillermo Pecache as commissioner, envisioned a body to help the government in pollution control and environmental protection and to serve as an effective communication link between industry and government. On July 15, 1980, the National Pollution Control Commission sponsored the commemoration of “World Environmental Day”. During the conference, the participants reached the consensus that the Philippines needs a strong body for the preservation and maintenance of clean environment. This served a catalyst for further activities in line the with vision of the National Pollution Control Commission. The participants were divided into fifteen different industries and one representative from each industry was elected to the board of directors. The election was chaired by no other than Engr. Pedro Viray, then Chief Pollution Control Division, of the NPCC. The elected board of directors were inducted into office by Brig. Gen. Guillermo Pecache on the same day. The fifteen directors representing each group of industry were the following:


In the general meeting of 1984, after several years of steering the association , Mr. Erlindo A.  Villamor turned over the presidency to Mr. Felix M. Liwanag, of Caltex Phils., Inc. as the elected president for 1984 – 1985 and re-elected for the year 1985 – 1986 term.

•Erlindo A. Villamor

•Felix M. Liwanag

•Avelino Domingo

•Marivic A. Garcia

•Francisco P. Guanzon

•Salvador Fabiculanan

•Porfirio C. Macatangay

•Gerardo Aquino

•Narciso Castasus

•Amor Benigno

•Eduardo Diaz

•Artemio S. Lina

•Perfecto Milay

•Ariston Ongco, Jr.

•Carlos C. Ventura

-Textile & Fiber Industry

-Petroleum Industry

-Other Industry

-Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

-Ferrous Metal Industry

-Mining Industry

-Livestock & Poultry Industry

-Food & Beverage Processing Industry

-Veg. Oil & Detergent Industry

-Cement/ Ceramics Industry

-Electrical & Electronics Industry

-Wood/ Pulp and Paper Industry

-Tobacco Processing Industry

-NonFerrous Metal Processing Industry

-Rubber Products Industry


On August 19, 1980, at the conference room of the NPCC, the draft Constitution and By-Laws of the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines wass adopted.

On March 27, 1981, the association held its first Annual General Membership meeting. The body elected the same board members. The affair was very successful and the membership increased.

Aside from the other activities going on, PCAPI prepared to conduct seminars and similar projects. It felt it was about time to project itself as distinct personality in the field of pollution control and environment protection. On July 24, 1981, it ventured into its own sponsored activity: a half – day symposium on Air Pollution.

On September 1981, the association named Dr. Felimon Uriarte, jr. as its frist honorary member due to his dedication to the protection of the environment as president of Test Consultants, Inc.

At about the end of the same year, saw the turning point in the life story of PCAPI. A meeting was held on October 24, 1981 to integrate all associations in the Philippines with common objectives related to Pollution Control or Environmental Protection. Those who participated were the following:

B/ Gen. Guillermo A. Pecache - NPCC Commissioner

Engr. Pedro Viray - Deputy Commissioner – NPCC

R. Mendoza - Region III Chapter

Douglas Diestro - Region IV Chapter

N. Escalante - Regional Chapter

Erlindo A. Villamor -PCAPI

Felix M. Liwanag - PCAPI

Francisco Guanzon - PCAPI

Ambrosio Lontoc - PCAPI

Marivic A. Garcia - PCAPI

It was decided to integrate the different association with PCAPI as nucleus or mother association with chapters by region. An amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws was proposed. On March 25, 1982, during its general membership meeting, the general body approved the amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws.

The PCAPI also took an active part in the drafting of the 1982 Effluent Regulations of the National Pollution Control Commission.

In July 1982, the association sponsored another seminar on Air Pollution. This was inspired by the participation of industry in the activities of the association. Since then, the association has sponsored several symposia on relevant topics like “ New Rules and Regulations on NPCC”, “Tax Incentives on Pollution Abatement in Metallurgical Industry”, “Air Pollution in Food Industry”, ”Future of Laguna Lake”, etc. Speakers were mostly local experts who have dedicated themselves in the preservation of the environment.

In 1983, the association sponsored its first national convention in cooperation with the support of the National Pollution Control Commission. The convention saw greater involvement of the association in the pollution control activities.

In the general meeting of 1984, after several years of steering the association , Mr. Erlindo A.  Villamor turned over the presidency to Mr. Felix M. Liwanag, of Caltex Phils., Inc. as the elected president for 1984 – 1985 and re-elected for the year 1985 – 1986 term.

During the years, national conventions were held after the second and the third national conventions. These conventions saw the greater participation of the members. They started also the greater cooperation between private sector and government controlling agencies, working hand in hand for pollution abatement and environment protection in our country.

At this time, a bold step was taken. In cooperation with the Safety Organization of the Phils., Inc. The association acquired an office at SOPI bldg. Now, PCAPI has its own Secretariat. Several projects were undertaken, one of which is concerned with the research activities of its members.

In 1986, after a very successful and productive term. Mr. Felix Liwanag turned over the presidency to the newly elected president, Mr. Francisco P. Guanzon, for the term 1986 – 1987.

In 1986, the PCAPI started to sponsor the training and orientation seminars for Pollution Control officers in cooperation with the National Pollution Control Commission and the Laguna Lake Development Authority.

In 1987, the PCAPi moved to V.V. Soliven Building along Edsa in Greenhills, San Juan where it held office for eleven years. However in 1996, the board of directors and officers during the incumbency of President Portfirio Macatangay took a bold move to raise fund from within the organization to finance the acquisition of a permanent office at Cityland Pioneer in Mandaluyong City which was then under construction. The fund raising took two years until the term of President Elias Escueta in 1997 when it was enthusiastically supported by the corporate members enabling the PCAPI to acquire three contiguous condominium units. Finally, on December 17, 1998, during the incumbency of President Nora de Leon, the president’s/ secretariat office, the library and conference cum seminar room were formally inaugurated. Since moving into its permanent home, the PCAPI has continually upgraded its office facilities and seminar equipment to serve its members better.

The PCAPI continues to grow in its membership due to the excellent services it renders its members – corporate and individual, alike. The Basic PCO Training Courses for pollution control officers (PCO’s) of which the PCAPI is an accredited provider, continue to be the backbone of these services and has graduated thousands of PCO’s since its inception years ago. The PCAPI members also enjoy continuous updates on developments in the environmental industry through its various activities such as the annual conventions, sectoral for a dialogues and technical exchange.

After the formation of PCAPI Region I Chapters two (2) in 2001, another PCAPI Chapter was organized in (2002), the PCAPI CAR (Cordillera Autonomous Region) Chapter. To date, there are already ten (10) chapter members nationwide, with more regional chapters to be organized in the near future.

As PCAPI – National unfolds another milestone in PCAPI Chapter formation credits should be given to past presidents Nora de Leon and EMB Director Julian D. Amador who played important roles in this effort.

Engr. Jeffrey Mijares succeeded Nora de Leon. His two years of fruitful service as PCAPI National President deserves commendation. During this period the new president strengthened further the relations with the industry. Membership had increased tremendously when he turned over the presidency to Dr. Elias E. Escueta in year 2003 Convention. The training program for PCO’s was continued. Eleven seminars were conducted during the presidency of Engr. Mijares, The Clean Air Act and the Solid Waste Management Act were approved into laws with inputs from PCAPI National and DENR – PAB through Engr. Jeffrey Mijares. Two new PCAPI Chapters were established during his term of office in the training of PCO’s Engr. Mijares was consistent lecturer in training seminars.

In 2010, PCAPI-National amended its SEC Articles of Incorporation on the principal office of the corporation at Unit 245-247  Cityland Pioneer, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.

In 2015, in  response to the DAO 2014- 02 or the Revised Guidelines for Pollution Control Officer Accreditation  issued by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), PCAPI- National applied for the accreditation as Training Provider to cater the increasing needs of PCOs of environmental training. The Association was recognized and was issued accreditation COR No. 2015-0007.

In the same year, PCAPI National Official Hymn was launched during the 35th PCAPI National Annual Convention in Baguio City.

In 2018, the PCAPI National seek for accreditation as Training Provider for professionals who are required to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points required for the renewal of professional license. In this reason that the Association decided to amend its SEC Registration to comply with the requirements of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

In the same year, upgraded PCAPI National Official Website was formally launched in time for the 38th PCAPI National Annual Convention which sets presentations during the event downloadable.

In 2019, PCAPI National was accredited as Training Provider by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Chemical Engineers with Accreditation No. CHE-2019-013 issued on the month of May this year.

As part of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)’s Battle for Manila Bay, PCAPI National participated one of its program: “Adopt-an-Estero” where in the association adopted the “Estero de Marala” located in Navotas City. MOA signing between DENR, PCAPI and LGU of Navotas has been successfully done in the month of July.

September of this year (2019), PCAPI National has been granted the accreditation as training organizer/institution for Advance Training Course in reference to the renewal of accreditation of PCOs under DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No. 2014-02. Where in PCAPI National set of speakers/lecturer undergo Training of Trainors facilitated by DENR – EMB Central Office on the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Today, the PCAPI is proud of its past achievements. It has committed itself to environmental protection with the active participation of corporate and individual members and the PCAPI Chapter throughout the year. The present leadership of PCAPI is committed to equal if not surpass the records of achievement of past PCAPI administrations.


The board of directors had its first meeting on  July 2, 1980 at the conference room of the NPCC in the presence of Engr. Pedro Viray. The first agenda was the election of officers of the association.

Mr. Erlindo A. Villamor

1st Vice President
Mr. Felix M. Liwanag

2nd Vice President
Mr. Avelino Domingo

Ms. Marivic A. Garcia

Mr. Francisco P. Guanzon

Mr. Salvador Fabiculanan

Textile & Fiber Industry

Petroleum Industry

Other Industry

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Ferrous Metal Industry

Mining Industry